Script To Screen



The Good Place

A woman struggles to define what it means to be good as she attempts to earn her position in 'The Good Place'.


Inside No. 9

An anthology series with a dark comedic mix which brings something new to the table with each episode.


The lives of two eccentric metal detectorists who spend their days plodding along fields in the hope of unearthing treasure that will change their lives.


After finding out he has an STD, a young man must contact every girl he has had sex with to tell them the bad news.

Black Mirror

A twisted anthology series that delves into a high-tech world where humanities greatest innovations and creations combine with their darkest instincts.

Peaky Blinders (Series Four)

The Peaky Blinders come under threat from the Mafia after choices from their past result in a powerful man seeking revenge.

Shot in the Dark

Documentary series following three freelance journalists known as 'stringers' report on a variety of car crashes, attacks and violent incidents.

The Punisher

After the murder of his family, an ex-marine becomes a vigilante known as "The Punisher" with one goal in mind. Avenge them.


A woman accuses a renowned surgeon of rape after their date ended in hazy, disturbing memories.

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