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Game Night

A group of friends who regularly meet for game night find themselves trying to solve a murder mystery.


The Shape of Water

A cleaner at a top secret research lab forms a unique, loving relationship with an amphibious creature who is being held captive there.


A young aspiring musician is transported to the land of the dead where he must find his great grandfather, a famous musician, in order to make it home.

Darkest Hour

With Hitler's army marching across Europe, newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill must decide on the actions of his country, with the fate of the world on his shoulders.

Black Panther

T'Challa returns to his technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to become the new King after the death of his father. But challengers to the thrown and the country await the new King.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A mother challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder after they continually fail to catch the culprit.

Raw (Grave)

A young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, leading her to gain an unbidden taste for flesh.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Picking up from the events of The Force Awakens, the First Order are hunting down the Resistance, meanwhile Rey is trying to convince Luke Skywalker to return.

Paddington 2

Paddington, now settled into London life, plans to buy his Aunt Lucy a special pop-up book of London for her 100th birthday, but the gift is stolen.

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