Script To Screen

Wonder Woman

After a fighter plane crashes into her homeland, an Amazonian princess leaves to fight and end the war which is ravaging the planet.

Life of Pi

A young man must endure all that life throws at him in order to survive when he's stranded at sea with only a Tiger for company.

Stranger Than Fiction

An IRS auditor begins to hear a narration of his life, affecting everything he does and all the steps he takes.


A struggling actress in 80s Los Angeles finds herself auditioning for a new TV pilot with a twist, an all women wrestling show.

Designated Survivor

A low-ranking cabinet member becomes President of the United States after a terrorist attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession.

Top Ten Films Still to Come in 2017

A look forward at our top ten films still to come in 2017!

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Jack returns, this time in the search of Poseidon's trident whilst being pursued by an undead captain and his crew.

The Keepers

An unflinching documentary series exploring the unsolved murder of a nun and the child abuse allegations surrounding the Catholic Church.

Master of None

A 30 year-old actor's life goes by in a number of humorous events as he strives for love, companionship and to further his career.

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