A wonderfully creative and unpredictable sitcom about the afterlife and what it means to be a good person, The Good Place is a fantastic TV show.

The series follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) as she winds up in ‘The Good Place’, an idyllic afterlife for those who had been judged as good people during their time on Earth.

However, Eleanor believes there’s been a mishap as she was by no means a good person. Realising she will be sent away if anyone finds out, she enlists the help of some friends to try and improve herself and earn her rightful place.

The Good Place 2

Simply put, The Good Place is severely underrated.

This is a sitcom with a wonderfully creative concept that continues to evolve as it progresses through various narratives and develops its hilarious characters. The ongoing narrative of the show is one that will constantly throw surprises at you, meaning you are never 100% sure as to what is going on or what will come next (in a good way!).

The comedy is creative and genuinely laugh out loud funny, with a biting satire of the afterlife and what it means to be a good person.

The cast is truly excellent, each shining through with fantastic comedic ability through their odd and diverse characters. Without delving into characters too much (because of possible spoilers) each of the cast has a great role to play in both the ongoing narrative and in the structure of the show.

It’s a testament to the creation of the show by Michael Schur that each component of The Good Place, including: character, narrative and concept, all work toward the same goal of building a show that can truly evolve every season (or few episodes) to keep things fresh.

The Good Place 3.jpg

With twists and turns, laughter and thought provoking moments. The Good Place is a true joy to watch.