A film that slipped by most cinema goers, Raw (originally titled: Grave) is a French Horror film following a first-year veterinary student, Justine (Garance Marillier).

Justine, a vegetarian, is forced into undertaking a carnivorous ritual by her peers and her sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf) who is already settled in at the school. After gaining her first experience of eating meat, Justine develops an unbidden taste for flesh grows within her.

Raw 2

Visually this film is truly stunning. The cinematography is perfectly placed to create a real unnerving feeling throughout, especially as the darker aspects of the film take centre stage. Framing the actresses in ways that make them seem inhuman or powerful in terrifying ways. Julia Ducournau’s (director) imagery is sublime.

The actresses also bring incredible performances to this wonderful indie Horror. Both Marillier and Rumpf provide some terrifyingly excellent portrayals of two characters who descend into a beast-like desire for meat. Marillier in particular provides an unsettling spiral from promising student to something truly monstrous.

Underlying themes of veganism and the carnivorous nature that has been so normalised in today’s society is also brought under the magnifying glass by Ducournau. So much so, that you’ll question your own choices.

Raw 3

Raw is an incredibly unsettling film. Every aspect of the film works together into creating horrific imagery, disturbing performances and an unnerving atmosphere that will stick with you well past the credits.