After the great success of The League of Gentlemen, writers and actors Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith teamed up for the wonderfully unique anthology series: Inside No. 9.

Inside No. 9

Being an anthology series means each episode has something that sets it apart from the rest, adding something new to the mixture in terms of style, writing, setting and technique. It’s a series that really allows Pemberton and Shearsmith to spread their creative wings and create some truly remarkable pieces of television.

The duo have a wonderful witty, dry and often dark humour which makes all of their work a true joy to watch, and combining this with a real creativity in approach and execution and it’s easy to see why Inside No. 9 is growing in popularity.

Each episode is filled with fantastically crafted characters (two of which Shearsmith and Pemberton play themselves) who fill the episode with excellently written comedy, emotion and often darker moments that can disturb or terrify.

But the characters aren’t the highlight for me, it’s the narratives that the duo create. Every episode has a unique story to tell in a variety of settings and styles which makes for a true unpredictability and fantastic plot twists.

One episode in particular, The 12 Days of Christine, is the single best half hour of TV I have ever seen, and also inspired me to pursue a career in writing.

Inside No. 9

Inside No. 9 is a truly special programme. It’s funny, dark, creative, touching, entertaining and so much more and I truly cannot recommend it enough.

Trust me, just watch it.