Few films really grip me like those with a great mystery, an unsolved case on which the plot hangs on, and Gone Baby Gone is just that.

When a little girl is kidnapped, two Boston area detectives are hired to search for the missing girl along with the Police force. This case provides a professional and personal strain for the partners as their skills and morals are put to the test.

Gone Baby Gone 3

Ben Affleck’s directing debut was/is a strong one as he has meticulously crafted a fantastically intriguing and enticing mystery drama surrounding the most devastating of subjects, a child’s kidnapping.

The film’s plot and narrative structure is excellent. Like any good mystery, Gone Baby Gone unravels itself slowly, providing more information, context and twists where necessary to keep the plot moving forward and engaging.

This is built upon with fantastic performances all round from Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris in particular. Casey provides a demanding, striking performance as a morally conflicted man, balancing his morally ambiguous techniques in his search to bring the missing girl home.

It is this topic that the film expertly explores, looking at the differences between right and wrong under a microscope that asks whether the lines between the two are as clear as they first seem.

Gone Baby Gone 2

In conclusion, Gone Baby Gone is a very well crafted mystery drama which retains interest and intrigue through it’s various twists, turns and revelations which constantly challenges what is morally right and wrong. With some excellent performances, brilliant narrative structure and fantastic directing, Gone Baby Gone is a film that shouldn’t be overlooked.