Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a wildly creative piece of film making.

The film centres around Joel Barish (Jim Carrey), a somewhat awkward man who struggles to connect, and his relationship with Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet), a unique young woman with her own unique way outlook on the world. However, their relationship becomes more complicated than it seemed as Joel finds out that Clementine chose to have him, and their relationship, wiped from her memory. This leaves Joel fighting for something that has been long lost, leaving him to chose the same option.

Eternal Sunshine is the definition of creativity, using the drama of a breakup, a romantic comedy and fantasy elements to create a truly unique emotional, and tender experience.

Charlie Kaufman (writer) uses nonlinear storytelling to depict both Joel’s happiness at what the start of the relationship, and also how this happiness faded as they grew and noticed each other’s flaws.

The plot is unfolded through flashbacks and through Joel’s memories as he himself is choosing to have them deleted. He changes his mind however, and the plot soon follows him and Clementine desperately trying to hide in hid mind to save his memory of her.

This truly unique and engaging plot brings a real excitement and emotional attachment as we literally explore our protagonist’s mind. Follow this up with truly remarkable pieces of camerawork, editing and lighting which only adds to the intensity, the emotion and the fantastical element the film has. Accompanied with Jon Brion’s exquisite music, the film succeeds in engulfing you into this estranged world.

On top of this, the performances from both Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are nothing short of excellent, providing grounded, emotional and intense performances. Carrey manages to bring his charisma and his energy to the role without the quips and comedy, and he’s truly brilliant. Don’t doubt him just because he’s typically a comedy actor.

The film handles themes of romance, relationships, regret and acceptance exceptionally well, providing jeopardy, emotion and creating genuine empathy for the character’s in their situations. Audiences will recognise and reflect the same feelings and situations from this relationship, whilst also learning about how they must work if they are to succeed. Joel and Clementine must accept that they both have flaws, but if they want to be happy together they must look past them.

All in all, this film is truly a piece of art.