One of the most creative shows out there.

Master of None follows Dev (Aziz Ansari) and his fluctuating luck with work, life and, in particular, love. It’s an intelligent and funny analysis of modern city life with it’s unique use of character, cinematography, narrative style and structure etc. with a real purpose and subject matter for each episode.

Series one was released in 2015, and series two is out now on Netflix (along with the first) providing even more reason to sign up. Netflix is fast becoming one of the best content creators and distributors in the world and are dominating the streaming platform, and Master of None highlights exactly why.

Ansari and Alan Yang (co-creator) work so well together to create something that feels fresh, original and modern yet using classic, niche cinematic techniques. It’s this binding of the two which makes Master of None such a joy to watch. It’s funny, touching, true to life and with a creative flair which is rarely matched.

For example, there’s a sequence with a deaf girl in which all sound is removed from her scenes, leaving us with subtitles and gestures to determine the narrative. It’s a very unique and clever use of sound which is a true joy to experience.

Taking on board subjects of love, religion, sexuality etc. throughout the series and focused episodes, Master of None is also a key commentator on today’s society but also truly understands it. The series provides heart-warming and somewhat inspiring stories alongside these topics which genuinely feel grounded in reality.

The acting in general is strong, it’s not remarkable or ground-breaking but it carries the show well, particularly with Aziz Ansari whose comic timing and general mannerisms carry the show. Very rarely a piece of dialogue or acting may feel slightly out of place or strange, but never so much that it ruins the overall experience of what is a fantastic series.

If you haven’t seen Master of None yet it’s more than worth a watch, particularly with a second season now released. It’s a tale of one man’s quest for love and companionship whilst also navigating his professional career and life in the city.