A great, fun family film for all ages.

Batman must deal with the usual suspects trying to take over Gotham City whilst also dealing with his own personal life as Bruce Wayne when he accidentally adopts a teenage orphan.

When the LEGO Movie was announced I didn’t expect much. I assumed it’d be a product placement film with little else to offer. So when I saw the film I was very surprised with the spectacular outcome (it’s excellent!) and of course this sprung off into a franchise starting with The LEGO Batman Movie.

The film itself is great too. It’s action packed like a Batman/superhero movie but it has the same sarcastic humour as the LEGO Movie, and does so in a great blend of the two. A lot of this comedy comes from pop culture references, other Batman films or making fun of the character, but only the right elements to make fun of. For example, the many iterations of Batman is referenced and made fun of a few times, with a lot more jokes for older audiences.

There’s also great comic moments from other characters like the Joker and Robin who Zach Galifianakis and Michael Cera voice and embody brilliantly. Will Arnett returns as Batman/Bruce Wayne and is just as good as he was in the LEGO Movie, and with Rosario Dawson (Barbara Gordon) and Ralph Fiennes (Alfred Pennyworth) in support the film boasts a brilliant cast.

The film mainly revolves around the relationship between Batman and the Joker which is played out like a romantic comedy (but not a romantic relationship), which really drives the narrative and makes it genuinely so funny.

The only true gripes with the film is that a lot of the time there are too many jokes. They come thick and fast in a lot of scenes which does feel overwhelming and somewhat draining. It’s overloaded more than the LEGO Movie is and some of this could have been cut to make the film feel less frantic.

The film centres around family, fear, loss and mourning in an effective way and addresses sides to Batman’s character that can often be overlooked in favour of more action.

Lastly, the animation and the colour scheme is very, very impressive. It can be under appreciated sometimes, but the craft put into the style, look and feel of this film is truly excellent. The action sequences are equally impressive and feels just like a big action blockbuster.

All in all, the LEGO Batman movie didn’t disappoint. The animation is spectacular, the themes explored are very effective and genuinely quite impactful. The comedy follows a similar line to the LEGO Movie but does feel too overwhelming at times, trying a bit too hard to be funny.