Script To Screen


May 2017

The Keepers

An unflinching documentary series exploring the unsolved murder of a nun and the child abuse allegations surrounding the Catholic Church.


Master of None

A 30 year-old actor's life goes by in a number of humorous events as he strives for love, companionship and to further his career.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Batman must deal with the usual suspects attempting to take over Gotham whilst also dealing with his newly adopted son.

The Nice Guys

Two mismatched private eyes investigate the mysterious death of a porn star and the whereabouts of a missing girl.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The Guardians adventures continue leading them to unravel the mystery of Star Lord's parentage.

Reservoir Dogs

After a jewellery heist turns into a blood bath, the remaining gang members begin to believe there's a police informant in their ranks.


After reports of a giant monster attacking Seoul, South Korea, an alcoholic woman comes to the realisation that she is somehow connected to the event.

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