One of the best original series currently out.

For many, Sneaky Pete would have slipped under the radar because of it’s platform Amazon Prime, but it’s a series that should not be under estimated or over-looked.

Starring Giovanni Ribisi as Marius Josipovic, a con man on the run from a vicious gangster, Vince played by Bryan Cranston, who assumes the identity of his former cellmate Pete in order to take refuge at his relative’s home. However, their sweet innocent family exterior is not as it seems as Marius is dragged into a world just as dangerous as the one he is trying to escape from.

Sneaky Pete is like a great classic con/heist film expanded upon with more characters, plot lines and more detail pieced into excellent and ever-more intriguing and engaging episodes which build to a great and very satisfying finale.

It’s use of complex yet neatly packaged storytelling which unravels as the series progresses keeps the audience guessing as to what is to come, drawing them in with more development of great characters like Marius, Vince, Eddie (Marius’ brother, played by Michael Drayer) and Pete’s family.

Ribisi plays the perfect anti-hero in Marius who cons a lot of people, and takes a lot, but all for the right reasons. His care for his brother and his now almost adopted family really does show in his actions, particularly toward the end of the series.

Furthermore Cranston is a fantastic villain as Vince and emits genuine fear, unpredictability and an aura of a psychotic nature, particularly when he doesn’t get his own way.

Also, the series doesn’t hold back on action at all, providing some great set-pieces and unexpected moments which feel as though they belong in a film. This is the way these series are heading now, they’re becoming evermore film-like with their grand set-pieces and budgets, which is certainly not a negative when it’s used correctly.


There’s a lot of positives and great aspects to the series, Eddie is hilarious, the action is fantastic, the plots are engaging but the highlight, for me, has to be Cranston as Vince. As previously mentioned, he’s an exceptional villain who is genuinely quite terrifying particularly with the unpredictability of his rage. There’s one moment in particular involving Vince explaining what the difference is between a real gunshot and a blank which is particularly great.

All in all, it’s a fantastic series which shouldn’t be missed.