Hello and welcome to Script To Screen! A film and television series review website run solely by scriptwriters, students and creatives.

This website will provide a vast range of reviews covering all genres of film and television in order to find the very best of what we think people should be (or maybe shouldn’t be) watching.

Our aim is to provide you with a database to find what film or series appeals to you. Whether that be musicals, car chases, murder mysteries or even child abductions by a monster from another world… We’ll watch it, we’ll review it, we’ll recommend it (or even discourage it) all for your benefit. That way you don’t waste your “Netflix and Chill” time watching a group of young people singing and dancing when you were looking for two men cooking meth (or vice-versa).

We will be, of course, looking at some well known and well covered series and films, but we’ll also search for those hidden gems that we feel need more recognition for what they bring to the table.

This website is as new to us as it is to you, so please don’t be afraid to share any thoughts, constructive criticism etc. with us as to how we can improve and grow.

With that out the way, please feel free to roam the site and find the film or series right for you and, most importantly, enjoy!