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Top Ten Films Still to Come in 2017

A look forward at our top ten films still to come in 2017!

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American Vandal

A true-crime satire that explores the aftermath of a prank in which cars were vandalised with penis drawings and the accused man claims he's innocence.


An American man gets an Irish woman pregnant whilst on a business trip, but they decide to keep the baby and start a family despite knowing little about each other.

Bojack Horseman

A washed up 90's sitcom actor struggles with alcoholism, drugs and is fundamentally toxic to everyone he meets. Also, he's a horse.

Gone Baby Gone

Two Boston detectives investigate a missing girl's kidnapping, but the cases soon turns into a crisis for both their professional and personal lives.

The Warriors

A charismatic leader gathers all the gangs of New York City in a bid to unite them and take over. However, when he is killed the Warriors are framed and must now fight their way across the city to get back home.

Trust Me

A hard-working nurse loses her job for whistle-blowing. pushing her to steal the identity of a doctor in order to provide for her daughter.

The Defenders

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist must team up to prevent the destruction of New York by a mysterious organisation known as The Hand.


In a futuristic Western themed park inhabited by androids, guests are encouraged to indulge themselves in any deed they wish, no matter how noble or depraved.

It Follows

A young woman is stalked by an unknown, murderous supernatural force after a sexual encounter.

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